Sunday, June 16, 2024

Please use the lines provided below to describe the type of unit you will have in the parade, as well as the number of units involved, and size of each entry. For positioning and judging reasons, please indicate if your entry is a float. If your entry does not indicate as being a float, it will not be judged. Any special public announcements that you would like to have announced during the parade describing your entry; please provide a written or typed 15 second scripted summary on a separate sheet of paper or in the space provided below. 

Please send your announcement sheet back with this form or e-mail it to any of the parade chairmen as indicated on the first page. Due to conflicts in the past years there will be no alcohol aloud for anyone participating in the parade, also there will be no water balloons, water guns, etc. aloud on any entries. Due to complaints in the past years any violators are subjected to be escorted out of the parade.